The hallmark of GMSI’s services is the provision of personalised support for top leaders and strategic managers in developing countries and transitional democracies.

GMSI’s service highlight is specially designed to support leaders and managers. The overriding objective is equipping them with the knowledge and competencies they require to make a genuine and lasting difference in their roles.

GMSI’s personalised services are tailored to the following:

  • Heads of Government
  • Political Leaders including Ministers, Legislators and Policy Advisers
  • Judicial Officers
  • Cabinet Secretaries and Heads of Civil Services
  • Permanent Secretaries and Senior Civil Servants
  • Chief Executives of Government Organisations
  • Mayors, Local Councillors and Senior Local Government Managers
  • Managers of Training and Educational Institutions
  • Heads of Non-governmental Organisations
  • Change Managers
  • Heads and Senior Managers of International Development Organisations


GMSI personalised services are especially suitable for recent appointees and new entrants to political and managerial leadership roles.

Our regime of personalised support comprises the following:

  • A bespoke and individual-specific menu of intervention
  • Focus on live and concrete issues in leadership performance
  • Personal enhancement plan
  • Executive Coaching
  • Personalised study programmes in the UK and abroad
  • Organisational health checks
  • A dedicated mentor and coach
  • Implementation support to help translate ideas and plans into
  • oncrete actions and results
  • Continuous advice from our international experts
  • Unlimited access to our Shad Thames Library and Office facilities


GMSI’s personalised services complement and enhance the contributions of other role players in the development process.

To participate in GMSI personalised services, Download the Registration Form: