Working with scholars and practitioners from across the world, GMSI offers a dedicated portfolio of advisory and training services on all aspects of contemporary ombudsman and oversight institutions.

GMSI’s work in this area covers a wide spectrum of accountability and watchdog institutions including: Ombudsman offices ; Complaints Commission; Regulatory bodies; Public Protectors; Specialty Ombudsman Offices of all types in governments, public organisations, business establishments, and non-governmental bodies; Human Rights Commissions; Ethics, Integrity and Anti-Corruption organisations; Government Inspectors; Supreme Audit bodies; Public Service Commissions; Mediateurs; Grievance and Complaints handling offices; Legislative bodies; Human rights defenders; and Civil society organisations.

At GMSI, we understand the critically important role that these institutions are required to play in strengthening democratic governance, including ensuring effective public accountability, protecting human rights, reducing conflicts and fostering peace, and consummating the gains of the development process.

We are a leading training provider, recognised by the leading regional and international professional networks in the area. We offer what is probably the most comprehensive package of capacity development programme anywhere on all aspects of contemporary ombudsmanry and oversight roles. We stand ready to assist governments, public organisations and corporate bodies in the design and implementation of policy and institutional interventions appropriate to their needs.

Our programmes and courses in this area are delivered in a number of ways, namely:

  • Direct support governments and policy makers in design and establishment of strong, effective and sustainable institutions for effective governance and development;
  • Open and tailored courses to individual institutions in building their capacity and the competencies of their staff;
  • Knowing the particular challenges new appointees face on assumption, we also offer bespoke and hands-on study programmes aimed at getting them up to speed as quickly as possible;
  • Offering of advice and mentorship on request;
  • Assistance to relevant functionaries to provide them continuous access to resources they need to be at their best;
  • Support to researchers and academics in the field through our periodic Fellowship Programme for the Advancement of the Study and Practice of the Ombudsman and Oversight Roles;
  • Advisory and consultancy services.


GMSI created and continues to manage the periodic International Ombud Expo (IOE), which was first launched in 2019.

Review our package of training programmes for ombudsman, oversight and accountability institutions: Upcoming Programmes