GMSI offers open, bespoke and tailored training courses and programmes dedicated to the needs and realities of developing countries and transitional democracies

Our training activities are designed to maximise our particular niche in governance and public sector management and in turn help secure effective and enduring solutions to concrete problems facing governments, organisations, and leaders in political and managerial roles.

We design, organise and facilitate workshops, seminars and conferences on relevant themes for leaders and managers in different areas of expertise. We also run professional attachment programmes for scholars and practitioners in our London Office and elsewhere in collaboration with our partners.

GMSI provides a total learning package which ensures that trainees experience concrete improvement in their work long after the particular intervention.

Our track record includes:

  • Emphasis on role and individual performance in the design and conduct of our programmes
  • Training in small and individualised group settings
  • Unique hands-on and experiential approach
  • Priority to career accomplishment and advancement of our clients
  • Focus on cutting edge ideas in Governance and Management
  • Provision of post-training implementation support
  • Tailored solutions

Our suite of programmes is informed by a robust understanding of the  patience and complex requirements for making change and improvements to happen.

We appreciate that every situation is different and ensure that our programmes fit the target and what they want to achieve for their clients. Each one of our courses comes with a follow up package to assist the client to implement new ideas and achieve their targets.

GMSI’s training programmes are available in the UK, in-country or in any other preferred location. They are always facilitated by an international team of highly experienced persons with established track records in various aspects of Governance and Management.

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