Supported by our international network of associates and experts, GMSI is uniquely equipped to provide a wide range of short and long term consultancy services in governance and management

We adopt a team approach in all consultancy assignments. Our priority is to work closely with and through the clients to ensure that they are adequately empowered to carry on independently after intervention. GMSI consultancy services come with our periodic follow up advice and progress monitoring assistance. Where appropriate and beneficial to the client, we ensure that consultancy assignments are integrally linked to our other programme and service areas.

GMSI offers advice and expertise in the design, delivery and execution of policies and projects. We also offer tailored implementation support as well as outsourcing services in many of our specialised areas.

GMSI advisory and consultancy work covers a wide range of areas, including:

Leadership Development:

Strategy Planning and Management

Workplace Issues

Personal Development

Developing Bureaucrats for Business

Working with Leaders and Managers

Women in Leadership

Public Sector Management Reforms:

Civil Service Reforms

Managing Public Sector Change

Cabinet Government and the Executive Branch

Human Resource Management and Development

Performance Management

Financial Management and Reforms


Procurement Reform

Quality and Productivity Improvement

Improving Public Service Delivery

Decentralisation and Local Governance

Public Administration of Small and Island States

International Development and Management.

Public-Private Partnerships:

Managing through Markets

Public Enterprise Management and Reform

Privatisation and Commercialisation

Regulatory Policy and Management

Civil Society and Governance

Rebuilding Post-conflict States

Role and Operations of Management Training and Educational Institutions

Governance Reform and Improvement:

Developing Political Leadership

Democratic Reform


Corruption and Integrity

Anti-money Laundering

Ethics and Corporate Governance

Developing Human Rights Institutions

Ombudsman and Complaint handling Institutions

Role and Functioning of Parliaments and Legislatures

Judicial Administration and Reform

Organisational Health Check:


Institutional Review and Development

Programme Performance Evaluation

Sustainable Development:

Poverty Alleviation

Managing the Environment

Rural Development

Cities and Urban Centres

Youth Empowerment


Gender and Development

Development Policy and Management:

Policy Research and Analysis

Improving Cabinet decision-making

Co-ordination of Government policy-making

ICT and Management Tools

Legislative Drafting

Advising Ministers and Chief Executives

Policy Advocacy

GMSI is able to offer on request the services of its experts and associates to support the work of other development partners and providers. We are proud that our clients trust in our ability to respond promptly to any request.